Saturday, January 22, 2011

Know the trunk postures of Lord Ganesha

In sculpture the position of Lord Ganesh's trunk has a symbolic meaning.  If the trunk turns to the Ganesh's left, that is the direction for success in the world.  It is a position associated with grihastas, or householders.  To his right, the trunk represents moksha, good for renouncing the world.  When one chooses a Ganesh sculpture that is proper for their own spiritual path the trunk position is one thing that is good to keep in mind.
The idol cannot be decided as Balamuri (right-sided trunk) or Edamuri (left-sided trunk) by looking at the direction of the trunk. It should be decided on the direction of the initial curve of the trunk points. For example, if the initial curve of the trunk is pointing towards right and the tip of the trunk is pointing towards the left, then the idol should be considered as Balamuri (right-sided trunk). Have a careful watch on the pictures given below. 

Balamuri Pose

Trunk turning to the Deity's right. This form is very rare.The idol of Lord Ganesha with a Balamuri trunk (right-sided trunk) is also called as Dakshina murti or Dakshinabhi mukhi, i.e. the idol facing towards South (Dakshina). The Surya nadi (Sun Channel) is situated to the right and is said to be active (jagrut). Such an idol is not worshipped riyualistically in the usual manner but is performed by observing all the norms of ritualistic worship meticulously.

Edamuri Pose

Trunk turning to the Deity's left. This is the common form.
The idol of Lord Ganesha with a Edamuri trunk (left-sided trunk) is also called as Vamamukhi, i.e. the idol facing towards North (Vama). The Chandra nadi (Moon channel) is situated to the left. Northern direction is spiritually favourable and bestows Bliss (Anand). Mostly this idol of Lord Ganesha is worshipped. It is worshipped ritualistically in usual manner.


  1. Is Balamuri/Edamuri discussed in any texts related to Ganesha like Ganesha Purana etc.? What is the reference for the above statements?

  2. Hi could u pls tell me if IT is good to have balmuri Ganesha at business establishment? What direction should it face aNd is it true that we Have to ddo poojA everyday for it?

  3. can we keep balmuri ganesha at home..?? can anybody please let me know.

  4. I am reading that the direction of the trunk is not based on the tip, rather it is based on the first bend of the trunk. In that case the diagram illustrations given are misleading.

  5. ambiguous illustrations !!


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